Saturday, September 21, 2013

Bogged Down

Sometimes I just don't know how a photo turned out until it's too late!

With my reading, that is! I'm once again trying to read too many books over the same period, and what with work being more physical than I've been used to, I'm often too tired in the evenings to get much reading done. Don't want to postpone anything because it's all enjoyable, but it's slowgoing for now. You might not see a change to the list on my sidebar for awhile.

Along with the above, I try to study the Bible as often as time and temperament allow. Below are the materials next to my bed. The handbooks are older, but I like them. And I dug out The Children's Bible once again because the Samuel/King David/King Solomon stories are fun to reread from that volume (illustrations, too):

I'm managing to read the devotionals New Day, New You every morning, and Trusting God Day by Day every evening. I had splurged on the two new-to-me Joyce Meyer devotionals in May or June of this year, but didn't start in on them immediately.

When I realized toward the end of June that I was just thirteen months away from applying for my SS, I decided to begin both devotionals with July 1, reading mid-year 2013 to mid-year 2014. So far it's been a very nice way to mark time, both spiritually and visually (via bookmarks moving through the books; I would miss that on a Kindle).

Below is the version of Lark Rise to Candleford that I'm reading (A Nonpareil Book, David R. Godine, Publisher). I highly recommend this version, but then I have nothing to compare it to. It is illustrated with lovely old-time-looking wood-engravings. (See another lovely version recommended by Brenda here.)

Can you believe I haven't watched any of the series yet?! But from what I've read, the book is historical background (which is exactly what it reads like) and the series creators fabricate plot (of which the book has next to none) for the characters. I think I'll be glad I'm reading the book first. Almost ready to start Candleford Green, but not quite. Then I can visit my public library, which I swore off until I finished a few books from my stash!

And finally, just for the sake of sharing more trivia, two additional stacks of books kept in my bedroom. The first is also beside my bed, supporting my alarm clock:

The second sits on a footstool:

I may have shared these stacks of books before. The top book in the photo is A Room of Her Own by Chris Casson Madden. If I were well-organized, I'd put all my ME books together, but ...

Well, thanks for putting up with another post about books. I could almost make this a book blog, but then just as happened with sharing my pretties, I will eventually come to the end of the books I can share ... unless I donate some so that I can buy more! :O) In fact, the latest Joyce Meyer book will be donated to my library as soon as I'm through reading it. I decided some time back that it was a very small ministry I could have, i.e., buying her books as released, gently reading them, then passing them on to be read by others who enjoy her books. (I've kept her earliest books and any devotionals I get.) I know some might not think it's intellectual to read/watch Joyce, but in my humble opinion, God has greatly anointed her.

And so I'll close with a quote from the Kitty Calendar:

"Take rest; a field that has rested gives a bountiful crop."

Reading can be such a lovely way to rest! Blessings on you and yours,
PS: I'm not entirely out of pretties to share, and of course, I'd like to share many again. Hope to do much more of that when I no longer work fulltime!


  1. Bess,

    Bravo to you for taking the time to devote to reading! I wish I could say the same for me, but unfortunately, I'm not a big reader of novels. I think it may have to do with the blog; thinking about my next post, researching it sometimes, creating it, photographing, styling, editing,...! I can't imagine what others do when they blog every single day!!

    Anyway, enjoyed studying your stacks!

    Happy Sunday and Happy Fall!


  2. Hi Poppy! Yes, I think preparing a blog post takes up a huge amount of time. And reading other blogs, commenting, etc. I did cut back on all that to make more time for other things in my life. I do love creating posts, etc., but there is only so much time. :O( But you know, I never knew for years and years what type of novels I would love--mostly I used to read non-fiction. But I have to thank blogland for leading me to discover the type of fiction I like best (which happens to be gentle novels like Miss Read and DE Stevenson, Anne of Green Gables, Betsy-Tacy books, and so many more than I'll ever have time to read). I owe the kindred spirits I've met through blogging a huge debt for their book suggestions ... and suggestions for other blogs to visit. And I'm so glad I found your lovely blog, Poppy! Have a delightful week, Bess

  3. It's easy to get overwhelmed. I try and balance out the commitments to my family and friends with my leisure interests. I'm one for routine if possible and I read fiction for a little while at night. I had to study Larkrise to Candleford many years ago for an exam and I must say the drama series would have been helpful if it had been available then. I enjoyed the drama more. I do like the gentler novel, too, although I've just had a time of reading a few novels of contemporary family life and enjoyed them. I'm glad that I get books from the library, bring them home and if they are not my cup of tea I leave them alone after reading a page or two.

    1. Hi Linda! I would not have liked that exam! So much material to cover in that book. Every now and then I read a more contemporary novel, but not too often. In recent months I quit reading a couple non-fiction books, highly recommended, but that didn't really speak to me. I think I had just covered the subject material so much already that I was "full up." Have a gentle week! Bess


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