Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Intellectuals

My journal for my plans for retirement.
It says Lily Ashbury on the back.

I wonder if the term "Happy Intellectuals" is an oxymoron, at least for some of us. Sometimes it's very difficult for "great minds" to accept simple concepts at face value. Think Happy, Be Happy? Sadly, some of us are too willing to think ... and we think any hope for our happiness to its literal death.

Just think happy? Yes. A bare bones, simple way to happiness. It's almost an affront to some. I know it was to me. An intellectual's version of "... it is hard for a rich man ..."(Matthew 19:23 NKJV). We just don't want to lay our intellect(s) down:

Because to discover the secret to happiness requires great thought and analytical prowess, with theories constantly rejected, revised, and fine-tuned. Doesn't it? I once read the following about Mensa, the High IQ Society: "Mensans give great thought to the dumb things they do." I roared with laughter!

Think Happy, Be Happy. Do we get it? Because some of us won't. We'll hang onto our right to exercise our intellect, mulling over our unhappy condition- because surely the answer is there somewhere.

But ... but ... but ...  No, the answer is still Think Happy, Be Happy.

However, there is a small bone to throw to the intellectuals out there (and aren't we all?!) ... you might have to ponder a little (yea!) the best method for yourself to think (not be) happy. And you're right: It will take time and effort to develop the habit of thinking happy. But that in no way changes this truth: "I am thinking happy thoughts; therefore I am happy." (Don't think about the long-term. Happiness is built little by little upon an abundance of happy thoughts.)

Think Happy, Be Happy. If we can truly grasp this, it is life-changing.

Sketch I glued in front of journal.

As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.
(Proverbs 23:7)

A cheerful heart is good medicine ...
(Proverbs 17:22)

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: Rejoice!
(Philippians 4:4)

The real thing, other side!

May God bless you with an overflowing reservoir of happy thoughts.
PS: If desired, you can check out my sidebar to see the ways I've been using to develop my Think Happy habit (aka overcoming negative thoughts).


  1. Hi Bess,

    Very contemplative post! How many sleepless nights have I spent thinking about the state of happiness? How do we get there? Are there any detours? How long can we stay? Can we visit again? When?

    Something you said in particular, 'I am thinking happy thoughts; therefore I am happy', has made me, well, think! Could it be so simple? And, do intellectuals DO simple? Or, is it one of those 'dumb' things they do? Most recently, I have come round to believing that 'happy' is not so much a state of mind, but a state of being; it just happens; maybe more physical than mental. Yes, of course these are connected but maybe if we don't rationalize 'happy' so much, we can rejoice in what is running through our veins, our heart and and our soul...Just a 'thought'!;)

    HAPPY Thursday,


  2. :O) I like your take on this, too, Poppy. And maybe I should qualify my statement by adding "truly": I am truly thinking truly happy thoughts ... ." Yep ... there I go overthinking it again! But I agree that the physical state of wellbeing adds much to happiness (and makes it easier to think happy thoughts). Oh dear, I'll stop now. Thank you for your comments, Dear One! God Bless You and Yours, Bess


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