Sunday, May 5, 2013

A Great Old Hymn

From Megan Berry at Lilac & Lavender


  1. You have longed for sweet peace,
    And for faith to increase,
    And have earnestly, fervently prayed;
    But you cannot have rest,
    Or be perfectly blest,
    Until all on the altar is laid.
    • Is your all on the altar of sacrifice laid?
      Your heart does the Spirit control?
      You can only be blest,
      And have peace and sweet rest,
      As you yield Him your body and soul.
  2. Would you walk with the Lord,
    In the light of His word,
    And have peace and contentment alway?
    You must do His sweet will,
    To be free from all ill,
    On the altar your all you must lay.
  3. Oh, we never can know
    What the Lord will bestow
    Of the blessings for which we have prayed,
    Till our body and soul
    He doth fully control,
    And our all on the altar is laid.
  4. Who can tell all the love
    He will send from above,
    And how happy our hearts will be made;
    Of the fellowship sweet
    We shall share at His feet,
    When our all on the altar is laid.
    Elisha Hoffman 1900 PD

Certainly something for us to aspire to!

From Megan Berry at Lilac & Lavender

Such sweet birdies. Alas, the three babies from my first nest of house finches didn't survive our recent record low nights. I discovered their tiny, 1" naked bodies on my front porch yesterday. I assume the parents removed them from the nest. It's a shame because they even built the nest a month later than usual, but it still wasn't late enough. I wonder if Mr. and Mrs. Finch will use the nest again, or if another couple will take over.

You will show me the path of life;
in Your presence is fullness of joy,
at Your right hand
there are pleasures forevermore.
Psalm 16:11 AMP

The graphics are from the talented Megan Berry at Lilac & Lavender.

Wishing each and every one of you a week as lovely as you are!


  1. Hello Bess. Thanks for visiting and commenting. Sorry your little birds were thrown out of the nest. Always fun to watch a developing nest.

  2. So sorry to hear about these little finches. Your chosen images are lovely.



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