Thursday, February 14, 2013

Songs to Sing

A big thanks for the above to Megan Berry
at Lilac & Lavender.

You know how some days a song will be stuck in your head? Every time you turn around, you start singing that same song to yourself. So as I said here, it is so very easy for a song to get into us, if we but try to get into the song.

For me, I'd just as soon have godly, wholesome songs running through my mind. To that end I'm always adding to my repertoire. Sometimes I sing to myself the same few songs for several days, then "out of the blue" (which is really from the Spirit), I'll be thinking of different songs with which to praise the Lord and displace negative thoughts.

I thought from time to time I'd give you just a small sample of the songs I enjoy singing. If I can find a song on YouTube, I'll give a link, and I'll try to give you the title and a line or two, and then if you aren't familiar with them, perhaps you'll be able to find them with your search engine, e.g., lyrics: Have Thine Own Way, Lord.

Many of my favorites come from the Maranatha! Music Praise Chorus Book, Expanded 3rd Edition, 1993. Here are three "slow," soothing, and restful songs (although I probably sing them a little faster):

"There's Something About That Name" by William & Gloria Gather (probably the song I sing to myself and the Lord the most often): "Jesus, Jesus, Jesus; there's just something about that name! Master, Savior, Jesus, like the fragrance after the rain ..." Listen to it here.

"All Hail King Jesus" by Dave Moody: "All hail, King Jesus! All hail Emmanuel. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Bright Morning Star ..." Listen to it here.

"I Love You, Lord" by Laurie Klein:  "I love You, Lord, and I lift my voice to worship You, O my soul rejoice ..."  Listen to it here. (If you only have time to click on one, these young people are delightful!)

I often sing to myself off and on throughout the day. Of course I also ponder things, do my work, converse, and so on. (However, like the robin in the song "A Spoonful of Sugar": "He knows a song will move the job along.") And if I'm trapped in a negative thought(s) process/cycle, as soon as I realize I am I begin to sing my songs in my head to help me escape those dreadful, totally unproductive negative thoughts. Singing just makes life more pleasant.

I did realize there is one instance where singing songs to myself at night won't help me fall asleep, and that's when I've had too much sleep over the weekend. But even then, singing helps pass the time, or I can sit up in bed and read or whatever.

Finally posting this from my drafts! Thanks to Megan's beautiful work (such as the bookmark above), I can skip my own photography every now and then. The more I explore her blog, the more I'm totally entranced! Hope you'll visit her, along with the other blogs she credits!

Sing a song and carry on! Oh! And Happy Valentine's Day!


  1. Hi Bess,

    I so agree with you! I had been singing in an international choir for over 10 years and have also sung professionally. I love jazz and continue to sing it throughout my day, especially when the weather outside is rainy and cold and a little dark (yes, even as early as 8am; jazz weather, if you ask me). And, like you, I also find that singing uplifts my mood, especially when it is shadowed by negative thinking, which on occasion, haunts me as well.

    Happy Valentine's Day!


    PS: Keep calm and sing on!

  2. Hi Poppy! Wow! Wish I could hear you sing! I haven't sung seriously for many, many years and my voice shows it (what voice?!). But that's the advantage of singing silently to myself: it doesn't matter what my voice is like! But at times I do sing out loud, especially in my car for some reason. (I can imagine the looks I must get.) One meets such awesome people blogging, Poppy, and I'm honored you read my blog. Blessings! Bess

  3. Thank you for this post and scripture. It's a precious scripture and such good advice. 'Fix your eyes upon Jesus' is one of my favourite worship songs.

    1. I like that song, too, Linda! I've just visited your blog, left a comment, and become a follower! Thanks for visiting! Blessings! Bess

  4. Hi Dear Readers! Just wanted to clarify that I think that ALL my readers are awesome and I'm honored to have each and every one of you visit my blog! I hope to post this weekend again. May God Bless You and Yours. Bess

  5. Hello Bess... and thank you so much for your visit this morning!... so happy you have enjoyed my posts and also that you got the Fairytale Easter book... yes, I thought it was pricey too, but we will enjoy them for years to come!... and I feel the same about the magazines I choose... mine are all keepers that I refer to over and over again... wishing you a most beautiful day, xoxo Julie Marie


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