Thursday, February 21, 2013

Reading Forays

Old Rose Tea Set

I did a fun thing not too long ago. (Well, for me it was fun, but then I like my fun extremely low-key!) I put the word "tea" into the search bar of our local library system's website.  The result was ten pages of books somehow tea related (a few duplicates, though).

I perused all ten pages, making note of those at our local library. I have since read two of them, one being my first Tea Shop Mystery: Dragonwell Dead by Laura Childs. For me, it was ... so-so. As I've said before, I don't care for mysteries, and I guess it still holds true. I do intend to put a hold on the first book in the series, however, and give it another go. For one thing, I couldn't discern how old Theodosia is supposed to be. Are there any others in the series you would recommend I read?

The other "tea" book was a light romance by Jan McDaniel (1996) entitled Two for Tea. Before I began reading, I was doubtful I would like it much. I haven't read "formula" romance books for many years. (I don't think. Although, the library did have The American Heiress labeled Romance, but it was so much more. Would you call Downton Abbey simply a Romance?)

BTW, does it seem to you as it does to me that the voices of blogland are fairly ageless? At least the part of it I visit. Many of us share our ages at some point, but I think for the most part, the voices we write in all sound ageless ... or even young! I mean it's usually not obvious to me from her typical posts how old a blog author is. But I digress.

Back to Two for Tea: I enjoyed it! Although I would have liked more of the setting to be the tea shop (seemed very little of the story took place in the tea shop). Light reading to be sure, but I liked the writing/story. For one thing, it didn't introduce twenty characters in the first two chapters as an attempt to obscure "who done it" until the end. But again, that's probably enough formula romance for a long while.

I certainly don't want anyone to take offense if she doesn't share my opinions! To each her own, and aren't we glad?!

Another quote from my kitty desk calendar:  "If you would be happy, cultivate passion and nourish delight." Isn't that exactly what we're doing with our blogs? Perhaps that's one of the main reasons blogging is so fun: It nourishes our souls and cultivates happiness (to steal their verbs).

Though your sins are like scarlet,
they shall be as white as snow ...
Isaiah 1:18

Hope "Q" (who was here) isn't causing any of you too much inconvenience! 

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