Friday, January 11, 2013

Solitude: Taking Time to Ponder the Possibilities

But this was where she was happiest...  She walked into her empty sitting-room and closed the door behind her, the better to relish that sweet solitude which to her was the breath of life.
(from No Holly for Miss Quinn by Miss Read)

Hmmm. What to do in those precious times of solitude? Read to be inspired? Crochet? Ponder the next project?  

All while lingering over a soothing hot beverage, of course, perhaps in a Royal Doulton "Clovelly" demitasse cup:

Below is the Winter issue of The Cottage Journal.  Although this issue's decor was mostly a bit masculine for my personal taste, I've really been enjoying this "newish" shelter magazine.

Maybe a book from Victoria will give me the inspiration I seek:


And a pretty box ...

filled with buttons might lead to something creative:

I love fine crochet work.  The few old issues of Magic Crochet I inherited have some lovely pieces in them.

I have the hooks; just need to pick a pattern and commit to the project.

But I think this year my goal needs to be to complete a few projects begun in past years!

Not to be alone ... ever ... is one of my ideas of hell, and a day when I have had no solitude at all in which "to catch up with myself" I find mentally, physically and spiritually exhausting.
(from Village Diary by Miss Read, 1957)

"... but with God all things are possible."
Matthew 19:26

Have a blessed weekend full of simple pleasures and wonderful possibilities,
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  1. In past years I was able to enjoy a sort of solitude within ear shot of my children by taking some moments to escape into a good book, knit a mitten by a window or out in the back garden while the children played and the soup is simmered on the stove. (I admire your skill to crochet fine lace). The two quotes you pulled first from "No Holly for Miss Quinn" and then from "Village Diary" are also passages that were underscored in my mind while I read them this winter while re-reading through my Miss Read and that's why I couldn't resist commenting.

    After teaching the five thousand and then feeding them, I can understand why our Lord sought solitude to pray.


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