Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sears Kit House?

Above is another project I've been pursuing. Someone mentioned that he thought my house is a Sears Kit House, so I've been researching it via the Internet and the above books. I don't have any definitive proof yet. In fact, odds are it's not a Sears. My house does meet some of the criteria, however, but so do many other non-Sears homes. I'd like to know for sure either way. As I've mentioned before, I have a very small house, which makes it all the more difficult to distinguish as a "pre-cut" home from Sears (not pre-fab, there's a difference).

To be sure, I'll have to send someone up to the attic to study matters because so far the cellar hasn't yielded any stamped lumber. I'm hoping to come across some, though. My reading has revealed that there are many, many variables to consider. I'll keep you posted if I ever find anything out for certain!

The pillow was embroidered by my grandmother (probably c. 1970s).  She did this one also:

Almost time for Downton.  Blessings on your Monday,