Saturday, December 1, 2012

Posting Photos on Blogger When Storage is Full

When my photo storage became full, I considered my options for a few days. I wouldn't have minded so much an annual fee to increase my storage, but didn't want a monthly withdrawal. Then the family member who lives with me suggested I start a new blog. Who knows, someday I might. But my heart and soul are in this one, so I hated to abandon it.

But early this morning while I was pondering getting up (I didn't; I slept in), I remembered Google saying resized photos under 800 x 800 load for free. Aha! So while writing this post, I clicked on the "Insert image" link, found the photo I wanted to post, right clicked on it, and chose "Open with" ... "Microsoft Office Picture Manager." Then clicked Edit Pictures; clicked Resize. Then I entered 25% and went up or down with the percentage until both dimensions were (just) below 800. (I entered it in "Percentage of original width x height" so it chooses the size for us.) Clicked "OK"; saved it (or Save As)  ... and it downloaded just like that! (Or if you see "Preview" somewhere, clicking on that might bring up a menu with Microsoft Office Picture Manager.)

I checked another photo, and my photos are large! I hadn't been resizing them, so perhaps I am out of storage, although Google had said somewhere my Picasa storage was only 17% full. Go figure.

I'll try another:

Painted by my Great-Grandmother Hulda
on a wooden utensil

That one wound up at 29% of the original size. I'm guessing the photos can be resized via other programs as well. Hope that maybe my photo explanation is clear enough to help someone else.

We are almost foggy here today ... I can smell the moisture in the air, and it smells wonderful. I must go fluff my laundry again because when I blog I lose all track of time, completely ignoring dinging timers!

Teach me to do your will, for you are my God;
may your good Spirit lead me on level ground.
Psalm 143:10

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

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