Saturday, September 22, 2012

An Interesting Point

Miss Read talking with James, husband of her good friend Amy:

" matter how happily people are married, they are still individuals, and have to have time now and again to realise it."

"Yes.  It's a point to bear in mind."

"Dear old Donne,"  I went on, watching Amy waving to a departing car, "stressed that no man was an island, and so on.  But I think each man is an island, and no one knows his neighbour completely.  That's what's so shattering when someone we think we know well does something horrifying like stealing or committing suicide."

James laughed suddenly.  "Do you want me to have night terrors?  No more sermons now, or I'll burst into tears!"
(from Summer at Fairacre by Miss Read)

Such an interesting point, and so true.  We are only truly, really, deeply known ... by God.

At present we are men looking
at puzzling reflections in a mirror.
The time will come when we shall see
reality whole and face to face!
At present all I know
is a little fraction of the truth,
but the time will come
when I shall know it
as fully as God now knows me!
1 Corinthians 13:12  (Phillips)

Happy Autumn Weekend, Dear Readers!