Thursday, August 9, 2012

My Point Exactly

In the book The Four Graces by D E Stevenson, the eldest daughter Liz is thinking:

You had to have something to occupy your mind ....  If you decided not to think about (Roderick)* ... you had to have something else to think about.  You couldn't just not think about ________, there had to be some positive alternative, so that when you found yourself beginning to think about ________ you could immediately switch over.  The problem was what positive alternative should you choose.

My point exactly.  That's why I began practicing singing silently to myself, so that I'd have something to which I "could immediately switch over."  As we keep reminding ourselves that some subjects aren't worth thinking about, and instead: sing, think of Bible verses, or say "thank you, God, for - whatever, over time those "positive alternatives" almost become second nature.  Singing silently to ourselves at night is especially helpful ... in minutes we can be sound asleep rather than fretting over ________.  

Sweet mellifluous dreams,
*In the actual quote, Liz is trying not to think about Roderick, the man she thought she loved but who has just married her sister instead.  You can fill in the blank with whatever you don't want to think about!  (For more help, see my sidebar.)