Thursday, August 30, 2012

Chair Time

Very plain, but quite comfy.

Mrs. Pringle complaining about her sore leg to Miss Read:

"I saw that young whipper-snapper that Doctor Martin's got to help him.  A fat lot that boy knows!  Gave me a prescription for some ointment, and told me to keep it up, and wear an elastic stocking."

"Sounds sensible to me," I was rash enough to comment.

"Except that's what I've been trying to do for the last twenty years!" snapped the lady.  "What chance have I got to put my leg up?"  (from Summer at Fairacre by Miss Read)

It can be pretty near impossible for the rest of us, too!  So I finally "put my foot down" regarding my budget (putting a splurge on myself ahead of other needs), in order to "put my feet up," and bought my first recliner last spring as an antidote to the hustle and bustle in my life.  (Thankfully, things are calming down nicely.)  

Now, as many evenings as possible, just around 8PM, I have my Chair Time.  I may read, or watch some television, or pet kitties, or just close my eyes and relax, but I zealously guard my Chair Time and look forward to it all day.  (For a long time I tried to do the same propped up in bed, but found myself  fighting a losing battle of frequently shifting about for comfort's sake!)

But the chair ... it does my little heart good, and my legs thank me, too.  :o)

Enjoying some Chair Time right now,