Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book Talk: D E Stevenson

"The best way to plant happiness is to do at least one thing
every day to make one person happier,
and to do it for God."  
(Mr. Grace from The Four Graces by D E Stevenson)

I'm rather new to D E Stevenson, finding her a couple years ago I think.  Miss Read is still my favorite British author, but I'm very pleased with Ms. Stevenson as well.  I think I counted about 23 of her works at our library, so that should last me awhile.  (Any that are missing I'll get through interlibrary loan.)

The book The Four Graces is the "fourth" in the Miss Buncle series, which also includes Miss Buncle's Book, Miss Buncle Married, and The Two Mrs. Abbotts. Here is a link to a wonderful website that lists Stevenson's books, those having repeat characters or locations, and suggestions as to which books to read prior to or after certain others:  (click on Books, then The World of DES for the chart).  

In addition to the Buncle series, I've read the series which consists of Vittoria Cottage, Music in the Hills, Shoulder the Sky (known as Winter and Rough Weather in Britain), and Bel Lamington.  Next on my list is the Mrs. Tim series.  I don't often "power" read. I like to make my way lazily through a book, to relax with it, replenishing my energy and spirit. (I get enough of speed reading at work!) 

Also this summer I (finally) recently read 84, Charing Cross Road by Helene Hanff.  A fun, quick read, even while "slow" reading.  Currently I'm well into the sequel, The Duchess of Bloomsbury Street, which I think is even better.  (One would definitely want to read 84, CCR first.)

And before this summer fades away into autumn, I hope to reread Summer at Fairacre, and Farther Afield, by Miss Read (pen name of Dora Jessie Saint, who passed away this past spring at the age of 98).  I'll have three magazines to work in, too:  Autumn Cottage (I'm waiting until early September to read it ... what self-control!), the British issue of Victoria (Sept/Oct), and the new Victoria Classics Inspirations.  

So much to be thankful for, especially the gift of reading wonderful books, magazines ... and blogs ... that speak to our hearts.

Hope you are finding time to relax this summer and that you are enjoying cooler temps and refreshing days,

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