Saturday, May 5, 2012

Beauty in Ordinary Little Things

It was important to Caroline to do things right, to do whatever she did to the best of her ability. She saw beauty in ordinary little things and took pleasure in it (and this was just as well because she had had very little pleasure in her life). She took pleasure in a well-made cake, a smoothly ironed napkin, a pretty blouse, laundered and pressed; she liked to see the garden well dug, the rich soil brown and gravid; she loved her flowers. ...when you leave youth behind, your eyes open and you see magic and mystery all around you: magic in the flight of a bird, the shape of a leaf, the bold arch of a bridge against the sky, footsteps at night and a voice calling in the darkness, the moment in a theatre before the curtain rises, the wind in the trees...

Enjoying the beauty,

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Excerpt from Vittoria Cottage by D.E. Stevenson; copyright 1949 by Dorothy Emily Peploe; Rinehart & Company, Inc. New York, Publisher