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My Mother's Mother's Mother's Things

My Great Grandmother Hulda's, that is.  She was born in 1866 and had her first (surviving?) child at the age of 29.  My grandmother would come along three years later in 1898.  I won't tell you the year my mother was born because she would come right down from Heaven and throttle me!  :o)  Mom was always secretive about her age because the women in our family have, for many generations, been older than their husbands.  Me, too, when I was married.  But I digress.  I have three wooden kitchen utensils painted by GG Hulda, in a primitive Grandma Moses fashion.  Above is a winter scene. Below is the only plate I have of her "good" dishes.  It is Rosaline by Alfred Meakin, and she had a set sent over from England:

The "big" picture of what I'm sharing today, plus there will be an extra or two thrown in at the end of the post:

See the little stool in the photo?  Great Grandmother Hulda crossed the Atlantic from Sweden at the age of two (1868) and sat on that little stool for the crossing.  My grandmother said Hulda simply carried the stool around the ship with her and sat down when she tired.  Of course, it's been painted, but it still has a few original square nails.

Hulda in a "colorized" photo which has been placed
in a Lefton frame by my Great Aunt Addie

Since I inherited them from my grandmother, I believe the chalkware, china doll, and little lamp were more than likely Hulda's.  They could have come from the paternal side, but how often does that happen?  Well, at least it's a tragedy how little I have from my own father's side of the family.  I'm very grateful, though, to have been blessed with much memorabilia from my mother's side.

A well-used vegetable dish is the only other piece I have

The crocheted tablecloth was either made by Hulda or her eldest daughter.  It unfortunately does have some damage, but it's easy to hide it to the back! Someday I would like to have this beauty blocked:

Her painted utensils; the lake scene is my favorite:

Hulda's School Hymns book (missing its first pages), a schoolbook of hymns in Swedish (1883), her autograph book ("presented to Hulda Christmas 1880"), and a school hymnal published in 1901 that was probably one or more of her children's:

The Dickens Birthday Book... has more than one person's handwriting in it, but I believe it to have been my great grandmother's at first (I don't find a copyright):

A lot more of the photo shows by not using Picasa (but it's probably just the user!):

Many of the pages are too light to read, but following are some samples from her autograph book:

I'll "translate" as I am able beneath each photo.

May 22, 1881
Think of me in the hours of
pleasure. For get (sic) me not in the
hours of leisure and if forgoten (sic)
in the hour of care, give me
one thought in the hour of
(Love the artwork!)
Friend Hulda- May you ever be happy
And never get snappy.  A Friend
These humble lines which here I trace
Years may not change or age reface
They may be read though valued not
When she who wrote them is forgot--
July 21, 1881
Dear Friend Hulda
When far away and friend (sic) are few
Remember me and I will you
("friend" is misspelled throughout)

January 11, 1882
Friend Hulda,
If you ever hope to be a wife,
For many a call you will have
In your life to Darn, Darn, Darn.
Would you keep your children neat
And clean. Would you save there (sic) toes
From frostbite keen. Then never
believe that Darning is mean but,
Darn. Darn. Darn.
Over there.
Over there.

The final entry dated 3-80-"82 (sic):

A little bit of this and that.  The marking on the old, crazed plate is so faint, it's unreadable.  The knitting needles and crochet hook are very old, not the new versions:

I don't know if this calling card holder belonged to my GG Hulda or not, but it came down to me via that lineage:

I have longed for thy salvation O Lord;
and thy law is my delight.
Psalm 119:174   (KJV)

Whew!  You'll be happy to know I won't have an extra-long post like this for awhile! :o) Sorry the last part of it got locked in as one long caption!  I couldn't manage to break free! But I hope you enjoyed seeing these oldies.  The autograph book fell apart while working with it for this post, but I did go through it all page-by-page.  Some of the entries are in Swedish.  Perhaps in the future I'll share a few more entries in a much shorter post! The old rhymes are fun.

God is good!!!

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