Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Eating German-Style with Betsy Ray

I am one-fourth Swedish, one-fourth Irish, one-fourth German, and the rest is English, Welsh, and Scotch.  For most of my life I've identified with my mother's mother's side of the family: the Swedish side.  That is, until I read about Betsy's stay in Munich from Betsy and the Great World (not shown) by Maud Hart Lovelace:

They always ate and made tea on the alcohol lamp
before going to bed.
This was quite in the German tradition, Tilda said.
Germans in their homes ate six meals a day:
breakfast, second breakfast, dinner, afternoon coffee, supper,
and in the evening tea or beer with sandwiches and kuchen.

Oh yes.  I definitely take after the German side of the family!  :o)  (Edited to add that I'm referring to the food here and not the beer!)

Even though the book takes place around 1914 (based on the actual trip to Europe taken by Maud Hart Lovelace), it was an "aha" moment when I read those words.  I've struggled so much with trying to follow the French Chic/three moderately-portioned-meals-a-day way of eating.  Perhaps it just isn't natural for me!  Yet at my age I'm going to have to make a major adjustment in my calorie consumption if I ever want to lose some of my extra weight and keep it off.  If someday I come up with a plan that works for me, I'll let you know!

Look closely ... do you see something in the upper right corner?

Misty was traipsing all about while I was hurriedly
trying to take some photos in the sun on my lunch hour.

In the meantime, I'm going to throw caution and dieting to the wind and enjoy my Thanksgiving with gusto!  Hope you enjoy yours, too!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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