Sunday, October 16, 2011

A Sweet Book with Much Wisdom

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Hello Dear Readers!

Although I have read from the Austen book shown in my last post and will do so again, over my break I've actually been reading Heidi by Johanna Spyri, among other books.  (I always have too many books going at once, but eventually I finish all of them.)  Several passages captured my heart, but what follows really spoke to me.  I hope it speaks to you as well.  Here the doctor from Frankfurt is visiting Heidi at her mountain home:

"Can you understand, Heidi, that a man may sit here with such a shadow over his eyes that he cannot feel and enjoy the beauty around him while the heart grows doubly sad knowing how beautiful it could be?  Can you understand that?"

..."Yes, I can understand it.  And I know this, that then one must say [sing] one of grandmother's hymns, which bring the light back a little, and often make it so bright for her that she is quite happy again.  Grandmother herself told me this."

"Which hymns are they, Heidi?" asked the doctor.

..."Shall I begin at the verse that grandmother says gives her a feeling of hope and confidence?"

The doctor nodded his assent, and Heidi began,--

Let not your heart be troubled
Nor fear your soul dismay,
There is a wise Defender
And He will be your stay.
Where you have failed, He conquers,
See, how the foeman flies!
And all your tribulation
Is turned to glad surprise.

If for a while it seemeth
His mercy is withdrawn,
That He no longer careth
For His wandering child forlorn,
Doubt not His great compassion,
His love can never tire,
To those who wait in patience
He gives their heart's desire.

                *  *  *
That's a great example of what I'm talking about, Friends.  Only I prefer to sing songs of love, hope, comfort, and strength to myself, silently in my head.  Reciting Bible verses, hymns, praise and worship songs works, too, but there's just something about the singing of them that works wonders.  BUT, once is not enough.  We sing the songs to ourselves over and over again until our spirits our lifted and we can go about our day feeling the Joy that is ours in Jesus ... or until we drift off into blessed, peaceful sleep when we turn out the lights.

Singing my way through the day so helps me to feel at peace.  Learn some short wholesome songs, then learn some more, in order to build up a wonderful repertoire the Holy Spirit can choose from to have you sing.  Whenever a song comes to my mind, I sing it in my head until either I'm engaged in my work or play, or until the Spirit brings another song to my mind, then I begin singing that song, until .... 

You can find more about this method of finding peace and joy on my sidebar under Tools for Overcoming Negative Thinking (the first, second, and third posts are the most important).

Have a wonderful start to your week,

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