Sunday, September 18, 2011

Cancelled Stamp Art

Hello Dear Followers, Readers, and New Visitors!

I have wanted to share these little exquisite works of art with you for some time, but had to find them first!  Some years back I put them in a "safe place" (I thought), and I spent several hours this past week looking for them.  Of course, such things are always in the last place we look, but a short and sweet search would be more pleasant than long and arduous!  Ah well, I was able to weed out oodles of papers I don't need anymore.

Here they have their original protective covering.

These beautiful cancelled stamp flowers, embellished with pen and ink, were created by a Miss Jessie Nolan.  The two larger works are dated 1968 (on their backs).  I've had them for years and am not sure whether they were my grandmother's or great aunt's.  I scanned them hoping to share more detail:

The original of this measures 5" x 7".
Something new is going on when one clicks on a photo, but if you
click on the photo, then click on the "Image from..." link,
then you can enlarge the photo once it comes up.  I hope.
The original notecard measures just shy of 4" x 6".

The original measures 6" x 9".

The demitasse cup is a Russel Wright:

A few more snapshots:

The "ribbon" on the notecard is in pen; the ribbons
on the other two works are made from cancelled stamps.

I hope you've enjoyed seeing this cancelled stamp art ... something that would be much more difficult to create now that cancelled stamps are so few.

You, O Lord, have made me glad by your work;
at the works of your hands I sing for joy.
Psalm 92:4   (NRSV)

Determined to sing for joy even on Monday!

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