Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Book: A Peaceful Retirement by Miss Read

This book is the final book in the delightfully wonderful Fairacre series written by Miss Read, aka Dora Jessie Saint.  Miss Read's books have made such a comeback that probably most of you have read a few, or at least know of them.  To my thinking, these are the quintessential books about village life in England.  I've "hung on every word" while reading them.  (I won't bother to share more details because a search on Amazon under Miss Read or Village School will bring you more satisfactory information than I ever could.)

In recent years, I have read the entire Fairacre series, including all three Christmas books, along with The White Robin.

I would love to own the entire series, but have only purchased A Peaceful Retirement to keep as a cherished treasure.  I hope to read through the books again, along with the Thrush Green and other Ms. Read books I haven't read, but will probably do so via the library.

Anyway, here's my reason for posting about A Peaceful Retirement in particular.  Do you remember when many articles, for inspiration and motivation, suggested putting a photo of yourself when you were thin on the refrigerator, or a photo of an island vacation site, or your dream home (and now we have entire visual journals of such things)?  Well, this book A Peaceful Retirement represents my dream of having just that.  Hopefully the sooner, the better, but until that day, I can glance at this book, or reread it as I'm doing now, and think: "Ah, yes.  My turn is coming!"

The book is rather short compared to most of Miss Read's others.  But I'm so glad that in her old age, she was able to write one last book about the beloved teacher from Fairacre.  (Oh ... and this was the fourth and final book I purchased with my Amazon GC for Mother's Day.) 

For years I didn't know what type of fiction would speak to my heart, what genre I would really love.  Miss Read hit the bull's-eye.  I'm sure she's not for everyone.  As in Seinfeld, when Jerry and George said they were writing a "show about nothing," in which "nothing happens," books of the same ilk have turned out to be my favorites!  Give me glorious character studies and heartwarming narratives about daily life again and again ... just my personal opinion, but for me, such books are unsurpassed.   

Books.  One of the great rewards of life. 

And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who
earnestly seek him.
Hebrews 11:6

Keeping the faith for a peaceful retirement,

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