Saturday, June 11, 2011

Birds Gotta Fly & Bloggers Gotta Vacation

Only three of the four birdies show in this photo.
They are nice and plump, but not as long as their parents.

I first told about the house finches that nest above my porch here.  This year I had two sets of babies just as I do most summers, but the broods were unusually close together.  The first family was slow in getting going and the babies didn't leave the nest until May 1 (even though Mama and Daddy began to build the nest March 18).  Often I clean out the first nest before another nest is built, but this year the nest was claimed immediately after the first group of babies left. 

This is Daddy Bird, but his pretty red coloring doesn't show up.

Both families had four baby birdies.  The first nest had an unusual downslope to it and I couldn't see the babies until a day or two before they left.  The second group, since the nest was a "double-decker" was much easier to watch.  I grew rather attached to them! 

But Mamma & Daddy began calling to them in hot, windy weather and called for two days or more before finally two birdies flew away the morning of June 7 and their siblings followed the morning of June 8.  I was able to see two of the four leave the nest as I left for work those mornings.  All is quiet, and I don't hear any finches cheeping at all in the surrounding trees.  The nest will be removed to await their arrival again next March.

And now I'm expecting the arrival of people company!  Thus I am going to take a blogging break so that I can enjoy my preparations at a leisurely pace, and then enjoy a wonderful visit with precious family.  I may pop in with a book review or two, but otherwise I expect to return to my blog circa late July.

In the meantime, I hope you all will have wonderful, restorative summer days and activities.  Please look around at my older posts, should you so desire.  I tell some stories from my life in the My Favorite Posts column on the righthand side, just beneath my posts on overcoming negative thinking (keep on singing silently to yourselves ... if you can think silently, you can sing silently; then you don't have to struggle to come up with "good thoughts" to think).  I've also added a couple new Quotes to Ponder. 

When I come back, I'll link to some parties, plus post some more of my writing (much of which I've written over the past several years and have to edit and shorten to make suitable for posting).  Until then ...

You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in You, all whose thoughts are fixed on You!
Isaiah 26:3   NLT

Thanks for visiting and I'll hope to "see" you soon,

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