Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book: Home Economics

This is a smallish book and the second with a vintage theme purchased with my Mother's Day GC.  It is a compilation of information gleaned from home economics textbooks and information from the 1900s to the 1940s.  If you're desiring/expecting information from today's perspective and vernacular, this book doesn't do that.  But if you want to read how keeping a home, etc. used to be done, in words from that time, this fits the bill.  It doesn't linger very long on any subject ... rather like the old Reader's Digest condensed books ... so there are basically "snippets" of info on a variety of topics. 

I really enjoyed most of it (except I glossed over the cooking section because I'm currently not doing much of that).  It provides material for my "someday I'll be able to be at home" fantasy.  It's just so interesting to me to view homemaking from that early perspective.  For example, a weekly routine might be to spend one day washing "eight" windows at ten minutes each.  I wonder what the criteria was for coming up with the number eight.  The number of windows in two rooms? Four rooms?  And once a week?  I'd feel downright saintly if I did that!

The book touches on a wide variety of homemaking topics:  place settings, setting up a buffet, how to mend, basic embroidery stitches, budgets, cleaning schedules, homemade recipes for cleaning, recipes for a cake (with variations), bread recipes, harmonious color schemes, how to decorate a small apartment, etc.  But be advised that since the information is from older books from a different era, you may have questions the answers to which might have been common knowledge back in the day.

This book is a nice slice of history, not to mention a handy little reference book.  And who knows, maybe I'll try something from the cooking section yet!

Thoughts and prayers going out to the people of Joplin,

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