Thursday, May 19, 2011

Book: As Grandma Says by Judith Robl

I've just finished reading this gem of a book and wanted to tell my readers about it in time for graduation season.  Of course, we "mature" women will really get a kick out of reading the wisdom of author Judith Robl's grandmother, and that of Judith herself. 

But I think this book would be a priceless gift for the graduate (female, but maybe brother will read it, too!) ... college, high school, and perhaps even junior high.  It is filled with gentle lessons from two women (grandmother and granddaughter) who have "been there, done that" and "lived and learned." 

Many of the sayings I had heard myself growing up, but there were many I had not.  I chuckled over "If I Had Meant Baste, I'd Have Said Baste" used initially in reference to Judith learning to make neat, small quilting stitches (but there's more).  What about "Cutting a Wide Peel from a Small Potato"?  You'll be nodding your head as you relate to the wise experience so graciously shared.  The artwork also makes this little treasure a pretty book to give to a blessed recipient or to own and savor as a keepsake for yourself.

My handsome son and lovely daughter-in-law gifted me with an Amazon GC for Mother's Day, and I guess I was in a sentimental mood, because my whole order had a vintage theme.  These nuggets of wisdom and truth in As Grandma Says are vintage, yes, but timeless and totally apropos for today.  I'll review the other books in the near future.

Happy reading,

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