Thursday, April 28, 2011

Journal Love


I'm a little bit crazy over books.  Not only do I love to read them, I love the look, smell, and feel of them.  I care for them as if they were beloved children, going so far as cleaning soiled covers with a very light touch of glass cleaner on paper towel, and once or twice I've even taken a barely warm iron to a wrinkled dust jacket.  When I'm waiting on an order of books to arrive, there is an anticipation and excitement in me not unlike (but with a bit less fervor) waiting for the arrival of family for a visit. 

Likewise, I adore journals.  Of course, there would be no point in owning as many journals as I do books ... but I do succumb to purchasing a new one every now and then, and I'm not too many empty journals ahead at the moment (something like trying to limit the number of unread books I accumulate before I take a self-imposed break in buying any others until I catch up a bit).

Pages from my Discovery Journal (begun in the mid-90s?); I love
how the girls are dressed for sitting on the shores of Lake Superior.
My own journals are very primitive, but there sure are gorgeous
art journals being created these days!

The funny thing is ... I don't "journal"!  Not in the sense of keeping a nicely written diary of daily or weekly entries of my life's doings, anyway.  But I do use journals for a variety of other purposes.

Most often, I use them as "commonplace books."  My journals are gathering places for quotes from books I read that I want to have easy access to again; inspiring words from speakers on tv; Bible verses I want to look up; my thoughts on a variety of subjects, written with just enough detail/length to jog my memory; lists of material things I want to acquire or replace "someday"; pep talks to myself; pages (and pages) filled with titles of books or names of authors that have piqued my interest which I might want to read; food plans in attempts to lose weight; years' worth of budgets; birthdays and dates of deaths of family members and friends and pets so that I don't forget (because I know I would); and even plain spiral notebooks from long ago which contain my earlier attempts at more serious writing on a variety of subjects.  (Now my formal writing is kept on computer hard drives and flash drives, neither of which are anywhere near as aesthetically appealing to me as journals.)

From my sketchbook.  The Doodle Stitching book just came today.
I thought my bunny might be plain enough to stitch up fairly easily.
(And my shading on the hand looks like fur. Aargh!)

I only have one "visual journal" to date, begun as a Discovery Journal from Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  Well, I also have a sketchbook journal (not too much in it).  And of course, there are the nature journals I want to create, too ... when I have more of that ever elusive concept called "time."

The shortest journal I ever had was a gardening journal, which says something right there (it quickly became used for some other purpose).  I can grow plants in containers, but to date my attempts to grow plants in the yard have been pretty dismal.  Wait ... as Daisy, sister of Hyacinth Bucket in the British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances, would say: "I tell a lie." ... I've had success with both bachelor buttons and zinnias (in different years), so maybe I'll just go back to keeping it simple.

All three of these books will provide inspiration for my journaling
 (although I almost need a magnifier to read Sara Midda's sweet book).

And now I have my largest, most complicated and demanding journal of all ... my blog!  But I have a hunch I'll always prefer the feel of and the feeling I get from my other journals.  And what's fun is that after time has passed, and I return to peruse old entries in my journals, even in my detachment I am yet encouraged, pleasantly reminded, and inspired by what I read.  It's amazing how well the writer knows what I like and just what I need to read to keep on keeping on!  :o)

 Let love and faithfulness never leave you;
   bind them around your neck,
   write them on the tablet of your heart.
Proverbs 3:3

Enjoy some time with your journal,

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