Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing the Kitties!

At long last, here they are!  I apologize for not giving their full names, but I have this thing about privacy.  So much so that it's amazing I'm blogging!  At any rate, all the kitties are female, stay indoors fulltime, are rescue cats (by my definition anyway), and all have been spayed.  I hope to improve on photographing them.  (They are forever turning away from the camera!)

First is Ms. M.  She was my parents' cat they adopted from a shelter.  The family member that lives with me and I, believe she is probably around 16 years old.  She is the "Top Banana" and a bit of an alpha cat.

Ms. M

Next is Ms. S.  She was a feral cat, pregnant, and literally begged to come into the house just as she was about to have kittens, none of which survived.  She remains very shy, but is so glad to be an indoor kitty now.  Ms. M is the only other cat she'll allow near her.

Ms. S

Now we have Ms. K and Ms. B.  They are from the same litter, and were also feral cats.  (Ms. S may have had the same mother.)  They have come a long way and are becoming very sweet and loving.  First is Ms. K, who purrs so loud you think a plane is taking off.  :o)

Ms. K

Here is Ms. B.  She is a little less trusting than her sister, and isn't afraid to give a swat or a nip if she becomes unhappy.  She loves to play with Ms. K and loves playing with the laser light.

Ms.  B

Finally, here is the Other Ms. S.  I rescued her before the other kitties came to live with me.  When she turned up, she was filthy, pregnant, and had a broken tail.  Fortunately her tail was broken toward it's tip, so she didn't lose much length when the vet removed the broken part.  The first full day she lived with me, I lay down on the couch for a nap, and she curled up on her back in the crook of my arm and stayed there the whole time I was resting.  I've been totally smitten ever since.  She and Ms. B are good buddies.
The Other Ms. S

I hope you have enjoyed meeting our furbabies.  Each is very sweet in her own special way and an absolute delight.

Grateful for all five precious kitties,

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