Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Got Peppermint?

Hard candy, that is.  Or spearmint hard candy? 

I ask that because I've changed many a bad, frustrated, or fretful mood of mine at work by popping a peppermint or spearmint candy.  It may sound preposterous, but immediately my mind turns to the flavor and feel of the candy and for fifteen or twenty minutes, I enjoy a "little break" that refreshes me and almost without fail improves my mood. 

I don't know if any hard candy will do, but I suspect the flavor needs to be strong to do the trick.  Plus, if it were something too sweet or mild, I'd indulge too often (and that wouldn't be good!).

I actually schedule spearmint/peppermint breaks for about forty minutes before my lunch break and forty minutes before quitting time because I've learned those hours at the office seem the longest and most difficult to me.  By the time the piece of candy has disappeared there are just twenty minutes or so left of the morning or afternoon.  I normally have just the two candies a day, although if I desperately need a perk earlier, I'll indulge in an extra.

We wouldn't want to overdue it, so if one has a big weakness for hard candies (or bad teeth!), better ignore this tip.  But it really does give me a lift.

I don't keep a dish at work filled with the candies, but one certainly could add that to her desk.  For a long time I had a dish of peppermints on my coffeetable at home.  But after discovering twenty or so candies under my couch after "the kitties" came to live with me, I now keep some in a covered dish that is actually an antique hair receiver (with a hole in the lid). 

I think mint is supposed to be calming, but perhaps lemon or cinnamon would be nice as well.  When I was little, I remember my grandmother used to like hard candies called Michigan mints.  They were azure blue, and oblong instead of round.  I haven't seen any for years, though.

I use the enjoyment of a strong-flavored hard candy as another one of my tools to interrupt negative thoughts!  Nice and easy, too!

How sweet are your words to my taste,
   sweeter than honey to my mouth!
Psalm 119:103

Stay safe and warm,


  1. we are kindred spirits, dear. I remember Michigan mints in the 60's $ loved them too. They had the strongest mint flavor, but I guess the monpany went out of business. They don't exist anymore as I've searched internet - no luck.

  2. I remember Michigan Mints from the 60's and 70's and my aunt would buy them at a store by the name of Kaufmanns in Pittsburgh, PA. BTW Macy's bought them out in 2006...wonder if Macy's has them?


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