Saturday, December 4, 2010

I Love This Book!

Winter House by Charlotte Moss

This is one of my favorite decorating books.  It's gorgeous throughout and makes me "almost" thankful it's wintertime. 

So many of the blogs I read have been talking about keeping cozy during the winter months.  This book has interiors, exteriors, fabric and color scheme suggestions, and suggestions for winter activities.  All done beautifully.

Ms. Moss begins the book: "More than just a home, a winter house is a frame of mind.  It is here you can retreat, relax, recharge, and reconnect with friends, family, and-- last but not least!-- yourself!"

This book is a "must own" and worth a little splurge.  (There's a lovely toile bedroom, too.)  Maybe you should treat yourself to an early Christmas present?

(Edited to add that the decor in this book is traditional, in case your tastes run otherwise.)

Just having fun and enjoying a beautiful Saturday,