Friday, December 3, 2010

50 ways to soothe yourself without food

I'm about two-thirds the way through this book and so far it's been worth the read.  I can't say I find every single suggestion applicable to me, but I plan to write out a list of the ones I think suit me best and give them a trial run, if I haven't already done so.

In becoming a positive thinker, it can be helpful to read material on overcoming depression, anxiety, and addictions, because negative thinking is often a root cause of these conditions.  For that reason, much of that information is applicable to overcoming negative thinking.  (I'm thinking more along the line of inspirational books here.)  

In Susan Albers's book, there is an entire section entitled "change your thoughts, change your eating."  There may be a lack of capitalization in the headings in this book, but there's no lack of ideas ... "self-soothing techniques" abound!  Let's just be sure to run everything through the God filter first!

"...Why sit we here until we die?"
2 Kings 7:3

Learning to do what I can and give what I can't do to God,

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