Sunday, November 14, 2010

If You Give a Blog a Purpose

I've had a somewhat hard life, and I know you have, too.  I believe sooner or later we all go through trials ... sometimes horrendous ones.  But for much of my life I've made my difficulties worse by my negative thinking and lousy attitude.  In fact, negative thoughts have been my default mode, yet I really want my default mode to be set to positive thoughts.
So I've been working diligently the last few years to do that.  By way of much prayer, study, application, and by God's grace, I think I might be making some progress.

My intention for this blog is to share ideas, suggestions, stories, Scripture, hope and encouragement.  And maybe even the occasional setback, because we all have them.  That's why I decided to title this blog "Fixing My Thoughts" ... because I'm a work-in-progress.

Comments are disabled for now, but I will be keeping you in my prayers.

"...fix your thoughts on Jesus..."
Hebrews 3:1

Welcome to my blog!

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