Thursday, February 7, 2019

I Enjoyed Her Writing

Author Rosamunde Pilcher passed away February 6. Such a good writer. Her earlier romances were a cut above the norm. Her later, much longer books are extraordinary. I have read fifteen (if my list is correct) of her books, plus the two nonfiction books with glimpses into her private life.

I don't actually own any of her books, having read them via the local library system. I still have Coming Home to look forward to, which I will read at that time when it calls to me louder than any other books are calling to me. And I also hope to someday read her titles that have eluded me. 

Rest in peace, Mrs. Pilcher.

PS: If my blog is offline from time to time, think nothing of it. I deleted FB, as well, to free up too much time being frittered away on the computer.

Monday, January 28, 2019

Polar What?

Brrr. We aren't having the terribly frigid temps here on the Southern Plains that they are elsewhere, but it's windy and the house seems chilly today even with the thermostat set at its usual spot. In fact, my brother needs it to be a tad warm in here, at least to my mind. My sweater often comes off and back on several times a day, depending on my activity.

I shouldn't complain, though. I have family up north, and I feel for them this bitterly cold week. Even my family down south will have cold temps and threats of snow.

This little polar bear doesn't get out much because he's missing a wheel, thanks to a naughty Scottie dog, deceased since 2007. Still think of him from time to time. Anyhoo, I have several decorative primitives that my family used to make years ago. It wasn't an overly thriving business, a retirement project of my parents, but we did sell some internationally. Amazingly enough.

For dinner tonight, I'm heating a can of Campbell's Chunky Soup (chili mac?), adding black beans, pinto beans, a little corn, and probably a shake of Montreal Steak Seasoning (which I add to almost anything warm these days). A very thick soup that hopefully will be just the ticket. (I might add that I eat a lot of beans as a source of protein, and adding them to soup, ready-made or homemade, is a tasty way to have them. I buy "no salt added" when available and always rinse them. I don't eat much meat, although I'm not strictly vegetarian.)

Stay cozy. Or if you are Down Under, stay cool!

Saturday, January 26, 2019

A Small Joy

I've shared my mother's paper doll before. With her winter coat on and stocking feet, she brings to my mind The Little Match Girl. I can't recall if Andersen's poor girl had a coat, but it reminds me of her lost slippers and being out in the cold. At any rate, dolly and her rather extensive, but simple wardrobe are a small joy to me.

Or add the red cape and she could be Little Red Riding Hood!

I don't know who made all the little outfits for my mother, but I'm guessing it was her aunt who sometimes took care of her. Her mother (born 1898), my grandmother, was a bona fide career woman well before her time, working as a civilian for the U.S. Navy in Personnel, what we call Human Resources now.)

I've been reading The Bird in the Tree by Elizabeth Goudge. Given the subtitle of my blog, I made note of the following quote:

She [Lucilla] tried very hard to teach her grandchildren how to extract the last drop of beauty out of all the small things of life, words and scents and sounds. Many little joys, weighed against the few heavy griefs and [of?] existence, could give some sort of balance to the scales and preserve the sanity of life.

Love it! And something I've found to be true. 

I hope you have a splendiferous weekend!
PS: Thanks to Brenda at Coffee Tea Books and Me for recommending the Goudge book. (The 1992 edition I read had several typos and word omissions, unfortunately, but it was still good.)

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Delphi Classics for Kindle

A few titles from my vintage books collection.
I've read the above Gaskell and Meade books, but not Sir Walter Scott's yet.
They are fragile, so the pages were turned very gingerly!

Not too long ago, my son told me about the Delphi Classics Complete Works books for Kindle. So I looked into it on Amazon, added several to my Wish List, and then bought the Anthony Trollope for only 99 cents! (All the Delphi Complete Works of various authors that I have checked are very reasonably priced, but I will space out my purchases anyway.)

Who are your favorite classic authors? Delphi on Amazon may have their complete works. So far I've bookmarked the Brontes, Alcott, Austen, Gaskell, Dickens, LM Montgomery, and George Eliot. The files also include biographies, essays, critiques, illustrations, and more. In truth, there is so much material that I would need another lifetime or two to even make the dent I want to make.

It's a security thing for me, I guess. I much prefer physical books, but it will be nice knowing I have these works at my fingertips should they not be available someday via interlibrary loan. Not to mention a huge savings in cost.

I would have thought the kitties would be letting me know it's their dinnertime, but they must be keeping warm somewhere else, while I'm keeping warm under my bed covers. (When I started this blog, we had five cats; now we are down to two and they will be twelve this Spring.)

Time marches on so one might as well be cozy while it does,

Monday, January 21, 2019

Marie Kondo

The date on the above photo indicates it was taken in December 2014. I ordered her first book with an Amazon gift certificate, read it, was not that impressed, and quickly donated it to the library.

But her Netflix program made me see her methods and intentions in a new light, and now I appreciate her far more. I watched all the episodes over a couple of days, and then ordered her second book, Spark Joy, from our library system, which I've since read and returned. I may purchase a copy at some point.

The key thing was "tidying," which I kept on glossing over (for lack of a better term). Not eradicating a hoard, not power-cleaning filth, not even annual spring cleaning, just everyday keeping our favorite things neat and tidy. In the process one will declutter some or might reduce a hoard, but her system is all about making it more of a delight to keep our belongings and homes tidy and true to who we are.

I've been purging for several years ... very, very slowly and lazily getting rid of items I didn't/don't want to carry into my retirement years. (Kondo speeds up the process, but I'm still enjoying my slower process.) 

As I type this rather longer snippet than I meant for it to be, I'm enjoying bierocks for supper, courtesy of a thoughtful neighbor: cooked ground beef, cabbage, onion, a bit of carrot, salt, pepper, then baked within individual disks of homemade bread dough. Yummy. 

KonMari on. Hygge on. At the very least, I hope you keep warm!!!
PS: Since I'm a Christian, I thank God for all that He's given me, even when I pass it on. :O)

Friday, January 18, 2019


So, since there has been no perceptible change in my circumstances, other than feeling a bit more fatigued, I thought maybe instead of such long blog breaks, I could post mere random snippets of my thoughts/days, along with an old photo. 

If you're new to this blog, I am a caregiver for a family member, going on four years now (a miracle), and currently have no room, due to medical equipment, to stage vignettes or often to even find a decent spot to snap a cup of coffee.

The above photo was from a post in which I shared my cups that had no saucers to go with them. I still have these cups, for now. You can probably tell that the two in front are handpainted.

Well alrighty then. This snippet has become too long already! Praying you have a warm and cozy weekend. I fixed myself a yummy cup of hot chocolate yesterday with a peppermint candy thrown in. Might have to indulge again today.

God loves you. Look to Him.
Love, Bess
PS: Please forgive me, but I still can't deal with reading and replying to comments just now. They are always wonderful, but add to my "load," so to speak. Thank you, dear ones, for understanding.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Least I Can Do ...

is put up a different photo! 

Nothing new here. Things are the same, which is good. I'm enjoying puttering around my house and staying home as much as possible this winter. I don't despair the early evenings; I rather look forward to them. In fact, I'm probably odd because when the time changes in March it causes a little pang as I say goodbye to the dark, quiet, cozy evenings spent entirely indoors. But I will adjust!

Hoping you and yours are well. May you be bowled over by God's magnificent love and blessings!