Sunday, November 16, 2014

Pretty Magazines and Pretty Kitty

I thought the above was a pretty Victoria cover. It's November 1993. I like the color used around the name Victoria. I'm behind on perusing my old copies, so I have yet to read this issue and the rest that follow! Once I've read through December's issues as well, I will take a break for a year or more, unless I read something on a blog that makes me want to pull out a particular issue. They sure did have pretty covers, especially the ones around ... oh ... 1993 to 1998, give or take. I remember being horrified when one year, 2000?, they published horoscopes, and then being disappointed when Hoffman, at first, printed cover titles like "106 such and such", as if Victoria were on par with a Family Circle or Good Housekeeping. I have not purchased all the 2014 issues. It was time to wean myself off them because of no more space to keep them. But all in all, they have been a treasure to me.

We had our church Thanksgiving Dinner today, and the turkey was as good as the above one looks! We've also had our first snow; nothing to write home about. But it's very cold around these parts! Thankfully, we are supposed to warm up a bit after tomorrow (Monday).

While I was quickly taking photos of the magazines, Sweetie was on the table. She is the most difficult little kitty to get a good photo of. She's always moving. Her coat is full of static today. Below is an older photo of her front. 

She pesters me several times a night to get under my covers for the warmth. I let her! She's so cute: She lightly paws me, I lift the covers as high as my arm allows, under she goes and then she turns around and comes back up so her head and upper body are out of the covers. She thinks she's people. She often sits next to my laptop while I blog, too. Really, I've never owned such a loving cat before. It was probably a plot to wrap me around her little finger toe.

Cropped from November 1993 Victoria cover.

Always give thanks for everything to our God and Father
in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Ephesians 5:20 TLB

Stay warm, Friends, and have a great week! 

Grateful for you,

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Evening Chatter

The above is from the other evening. The sky was even prettier before I managed to pull over, get out my phone, and snap a photo. Seems to me some of the most gorgeous sunsets happen in November, and I'll be on the watch for them. I love to look at the sky. When the jet stream is a certain way (whatever that is), we get the air traffic, and they leave wonderful trails across the sky. 

Soon the sound of large flocks of geese, or even just two geese at a time, will be heard in our neck of the woods. We are in the Central Flyway, well, for both birds and planes. It's a wonder the big birds come, what with so little water around, but come they do. Most just pass through, but some of the geese stay for the winter.

On the ground can be found, even in town: foxes, coyotes, deer, raccoons, possums, skunks, wild turkeys, squirrels and bunnies, and probably more that I don't want to know about! Over thirty years ago a deer crashed through a window at the clothing store I worked at (it was closed at the time), then rammed a 3-way mirror trying to get out, before it was caught. Fortunately the poor thing survived and was taken to the zoo to convalesce.

Just my random thoughts on this shockingly cold November night! Ah wellcold nose, warm heart!

They began telling each other how their hearts
had felt strangely warm as he talked with them
and explained the Scriptures
during the walk down the road.
Luke 24:32  TLB

I appreciate you,

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Jekyll and Hyde?

Pages from Devotions for the Beach by Miriam Drennan

For some reason still unknown to me, I had a strong compulsion to reread a devotional entitled Devotions for the Beach ... and days you wish you were there, by Miriam Drennan. The book is copyrighted 2012, so I probably read it only a year or two ago. But I dutifully searched for it in my stash and have just reread the first two devotions so far.

It's an odd time of the year to feel compelled to read such a book with its beach theme, but perhaps there is something in it God wants to use to help me or to help someone else. We shall see.

My little watercolor is "supposed to be" Sunset Bay in Upper Michigan.
It needs fixing, but I will probably just try again so I don't have a total blob.

Beaches not only differ vastly from one location to another, but the same beach scene can change drastically depending on the weather. You might say a beach is a regular Jekyll and Hyde.

Of course, to be accurate, beaches are being affected externally, while a true Jekyll and Hyde has internal "polar opposites" taking place. Good and evil. Moral and immoral. Kind and cruel. Patient and impatient.

I know someone who seems almost two people in one, a split personality. Totally harmless, thankfully. Then I wondered: What about me? Where am I like a Jekyll and Hyde? Sadly, I could think of some instances of disparity in my own conduct. Patient one time and then impatient another in similar situations. Frustrated one time and then calm another. Confident some of the time, yet insecure other times. Kind, and then snippy.

I might be able to blame a little of such behavior on post-menopause and wacky hormones. But not all. At any rate, I don't want to be a Jekyll and Hyde. I want to be stable, loving, serene, peaceful, calm, collected, kind, patient ... all the best fruit the Spirit has to offer.

I'm going to work on that. With God's help, of course. And if the Spirit led me to my beach devotional for a particular reason, I'll let you know.

Do you want to be emotionally stable and consistently content? Meditate on God's Word and make sure your thoughts are in line with it. Stop concentrating on wrong things, and start thinking: No matter what is going on in my circumstances, I am able to remain calm and loving while I trust God to take care of everything. 
Power Thoughts Devotional by Joyce Meyer

Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing.
My brothers and sisters, this should not be.
James 3:10

Have a serene weekend,